South Beach Recycling the OFFICIAL story

10422543_788698701189412_9145323924092225307_nSouth Beach recycling

South Beach Recycling consists of twin brothers, Sergio and Rosi Fernandez,  who were heavily involved in the launch of the NYC Disco and Hip Hop scenes.

Originally hailing from the Bronx, the twins started young throwing block parties at one end of Sedgwick Avenue, unfortunately for them, it was the opposite end to Kool Herc, therefore was not fantastically attended. It did however give the boys exposure and more importantly the chance to practise on their Uncle Daves almost defunct sound system.DJ-Kool-Herc
Photo of the boys trying to get the system going while Uncle Dave fiddles with the Amp (which on this rare occasion he did fix, however everyone had buggered off to Kool Hercs party by then, down the street).

On one rare occasion the boys got the sound system going. Somebody claiming to be Fab Five Freddys long lost brother (also called Dave) heard the boys and approached them to be their Manager claiming he could get them a starring role in the now legendary Hip Hop movie WILDSTYLE.


The boys thought they had finally hit the big time, with the promise of being the headlining DJ’s on stage at the Finale parties. The word got out around the Bronx and the lads were finally getting the credit they deserved…however, this success was not to last as Fab Five Freddy had struck a deal across town with another upstart calling himself Grand Master Flash and the boys were relegated to being extras in the crowd.

Busy-Amphi-1024x690 copy

Heartbroken and ashamed the boys decided to leave NYC and head to the sun, the place they had always dreamed off, Miami.

With only a dollar between them the only job the boys could get upon arrival at South Beach, was as trash collectors and nobody was interested in their Dj’ing skills.

The boys were destitute, living on the streets, clothes in tatters,denied entry to every club in town so they had no way of showing just how good they were on the decks and only their works boiler suits holding together their dream was in tatters until one fateful day……..

One night while looking for shelter they broke into an old office block at the back of South beach and they couldn’t believe their eyes, an old abandoned recording studio full of equipment and tapes. This being the first bit of entertainment bestowed on them since their arrival in Miami they decided to fire up the equipment and see what was on the tapes.

tape editing

They couldn’t believe their luck! On every tape they listened they found rare and previously shelved disco, but some of the tapes were completely ruined in places and this forced the boys to splice the bits they could use together.

After 20 years of putting these tracks together, learning their craft listening to the work of their hero’s Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Danny Krivit, Dimitri From Paris and Al Kent, getting promoted to head sorters and collectors of recycling for Miami South Beach Council, the boys got it together, rented a studio flat uptown and got themselves on the internet where their work laid for a few years until being discovered across the pond by the UK’s renowned Disco label Midnight Riot.

Midnight Riot have since acquired the original tapes of the boys work and have published their work firstly on the chart topping Midnight Riot 8 album and now with their own EP recently released… seems there may be more to come.

With Airplay from Andy Sharps Stomp Radio in London, Bad Barbie on Kane FM, and as far away on Cool Hand J’s show in South Carolina and charting by numerous DJ’s the Fernandez boys legacy looks to live on in their music….watch this space for details!



Andy Sharps No Pressure radio show & Blog featuring South Beach Recycling:


 Vinyl Release out now!
Cat: NS 01. Rel: 04 Jul 16
  1. Wonderful (10:25)
  2. You’re The One (7:17)
  3. Playing Daze (6:40)
Played by: Masterworks Music
02 Mar 15
Light Sabre – (8:35) 122 BPM
Hes Alright – (8:00) 112 BPM
Love Anybody – (10:37) 116 BPM
Runnin – (9:16) 122 BPM
Loving Eyes – (6:44) 126 BPM


Review: Given the lack of concrete information online about the identity of the South Beach Recycling edits crew, we’ll have to refer to them as ‘mystery editors’. Their publicity-shy approach may have something to do with the well-known nature of some of their source material. Opener “Light Sabre”, for example, delivers a tough, floor-friendly rework of a hands-in-the-air Paradise Garage disco fave from Gayle Adams, while “He’s Alright” offers a delightfully dubbed-out, largely instrumental interpretation of the Staple Singers well-loved cover of Talking Heads’s “Slippery People”. Ironically, it’s the edits of slightly more obscure jams that hit home hardest, with the carnival percussion, thrillingly loose drums and horn-totin’ madness of the near 11-minute “Love Anybody” standing out.
Midnight Riot Vol 8
08 Dec 14
80s Child – “Cocktails For 2” (The Dead Rose Music Company remix) – (6:49) 115 BPM
B G Baarregaard – “Luvs Treatin” – (7:12) 117 BPM
Rayko – “Never Too Late” – (6:06) 115 BPM
Late Nite Tuff Guy – “Do U Wanna Get Down” – (8:12) 117 BPM
Groove Motion – “Money” – (7:27) 112 BPM
Mr Absolutt – “Im So Crazy Bout You” – (6:02) 114 BPM
Ziggy Phunk – “Just A Memory” – (6:49) 106 BPM
Lemon Mint – “Young People” – (6:35) 104 BPM
Korama – “New Math” – (7:16) 122 BPM
Richard Seaborne – “Do I Really Know You” – (6:16) 117 BPM
Goldboy – “Scopin 4 Love” – (5:48) 112 BPM
The New Black – “Coming Back” – (7:51) 115 BPM
Lloyd Van Lee – “Toniite” – (4:23) 120 BPM
Weedyman – “Nyte Tyme Fun” – (5:54) 124 BPM
Phil Jaimes – “White On Rice” – (5:06) 115 BPM
South Beach Recycling – “Mainline” – (7:50) 118 BPM
GG Edits – “Burn This” – (6:10) 120 BPM
Fran Deeper & James Rod – “Flauta Guayaba” – (5:29) 115 BPM
Guy Dee – “Back & Forth” – (6:46) 118 BPM
Cosmocomics – “Midnight Music” – (6:39) 116 BPM
Wonkar & Casual Connection – “Im The Best” – (6:10) 115 BPM
Coutel – “Its Amazing” – (5:31) 116 BPM
Basement Love – “Too Young” – (4:33) 100 BPM
Marce D P – “Aquas De Cristal” – (4:47) 108 BPM
Formix – “Rhythm Composer” – (7:38) 105 BPM
Lotus Disco – “Release You” – (3:41) 118 BPM
TV – “Disco Futuristico” – (6:42) 118 BPM
Boogie Filtered – “You Gotta Change” (Funk Vision mix) – (6:39)120 BPM
Hober Mallow – “Spell It Out” – (6:37) 117 BPM
Young Pulse – “Back For More” – (7:27) 92 BPM
Tony Johns – “Midnight Riot Love Affair” – (5:24) 80 BPM
Midnight Riot, Vol 8 – The Dead Rose Company DJ Mix – (1:08:54) 119 BPM
Review: You’d struggle to find a more passionate champion of the nu-disco and re-edits scene than Yam Who. His edit-focused Midnight Riot label does a great job in spotting and showcasing talent. Somewhat predictably, this eighth installment in the label’s self-titled compilation series is another winner. It features some 31 tracks, plus a bonus mix from the Dead Rose Music Company, and bristles with the kind of floor-friendly material that blurs the boundaries between electrofunk, nu-disco, house, funk, soul and, of course, straight-up disco. Given the sheer scale of the collection, picking highlights is tough, but look out for some urgent boogie business from Rayko, a dose of spinetingling, sax-laden sweetness from Goldboy, and a live bass and vintage synthesizer rinse-out from Fran Deeper and James Rod.
Second Wave
10 Aug 15


Independent – (9:36) 110 BPM


Still Know U – (8:20) 124 BPM


Sanisha – (9:56) 123 BPM


Satisfaction Action – (9:17) 130 BPM


Get Up Off Ya Feet – (8:25) 115 BPM

Review: Since first appearing on Midnight Riot earlier this year, scalpel-wielding re-edit duo South Beach Recycling has closely guarded their identities. Whoever they are, they have a knack for turning dusty disco jams – either well-known, or more obscure – into dancefloor gold, usually via a few well-placed filters, good chops, judicious use of loops and expert re-arrangements. This second EP is arguably stronger than their debut, containing as it does the string drenched, anthem-like swoops and builds of “Independent”, the Latin-tinged, electric piano heavy summer madness of “Still Know U”, and the on-point Afro-disco business of “Sanisha”. Best of all, though, is “Satisfaction Action”, a ten-minute trip into high-tempo disco-funk-meets-boogie territory.
15 Mar 16


Playing Daze – (10:51) 123 BPM


Searching 4 Love – (5:58) 123 BPM


The Prize – (10:48) 120 BPM


So Right – (8:31) 123 BPM


Bionic – (8:40) 120 BPM

(The above blog may or may not be an entirely fictional fabrication…..)
twitter @sthbeachrecycle


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